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7 benefits of selling your house in Fort Saskatchewan with Solutions Home Buyers:

No Commission.

Skip the hidden fees and commissions with Solutions Home Buyers. We’ll structure a number of deals for your home – and they’ll all be easy to understand, with no surprises. Compare that to the 4-6% commission you can be paying realtors – not to mention the other fees associated with traditional real estate!

You won’t have to deal with showing your home.

Showings are a hassle – and that’s putting it mildly. To show your home in Fort Saskatchewan, you may need to make a number of repairs, clear out junk and thoroughly clean every day – all while finding a way to get your family out of the house for daily showings. The process can take months! But not with Solutions Home Buyers. We’ll buy your house without complicated showings. If we need to tour your house, it won’t take long at all, and you can stay for the duration of our tour. More often than not, we’ll only need to look at your home once – our contractor will do a walk-through with us.

The sale will be private.

You don’t need your neighbours knowing that you’re selling your home. With us, there are no listings, no signs in the front yard – just a discreet, simple, private sale.

We buy your home as-is.

We’re investors. That means that we’re interested in homes in bad condition – those that need repairs, cleaning, paint, and other investments. We love to buy homes as-is, so we can clean them up and sell them. That makes us the perfect partners for homeowners in Fort Saskatchewan who don’t want to invest in costly repairs and touch-ups before selling their homes. We buy homes of all kinds and in every neighbourhood.

We offer cash advances.

Moving can be expensive. We can help. We offer cash advances before closing to help you handle moving expenses, damage deposits, and any other fees you might incur as a result of your move.

We close when – and as quickly – as you want.

We’re a cash-based business. That means we don’t need to wait for approval on a mortgage – we can buy your house in no time flat. From the moment we make an offer, we can usually close within a week if you accept. Need a bit more time? That’s no problem at all. We’re not moving into your house, so you can move out at a time that’s convenient for you.

We’ve got a great reputation.

We’ve made a name for ourselves by making great offers on houses just like yours. We’re a BBB registered business with an A+ rating. You can check our reviews. What we do changes lives – we’re here to make selling your house easy and profitable.

If you think Solution Home Buyers® may be a fit for you, we are happy to provide you a FREE no obligation evaluation of your home. We Buy Houses Fast!

“Made the sale of my home a quick and easy task. I was in a complex and difficult situation, and their professionalism and fast response was extremely helpful. They made the entire process effortless and simple. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending their services to anyone else that may face a similar situation.”

– Ray Semenoff

“Thank you for purchasing my home! Moreover, thank you for the positive and seamless experience I had selling my home to you…”

– Melodie

”I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my home in the condition that it was. My home had been neglected because of a long stretch of ill health and for that same reason I needed to downsize…I felt that the price we agreed on was fair and the sale went very smoothly without additional stress in an already stressful circumstances. Again, many, many thanks for the effortless sale of my home.”

– L. Sawyer

Who is Solution Home Buyers®?

Fort Saskatchewan is one of the best places to settle near Edmonton. It’s got beautiful green spaces like Jubilee Park and some amazing trails. It’s got great restaurants like Pots Bar and Grill. You’re close to the big city, and the neighbours are friendly. It’s a nice place to live – but not everyone who lives here wants to sell their house through a traditional real estate agency.

Need to sell your house in Fort Saskatchewan quickly? Looking to sell a house without having to make repairs or clean a serious mess?

We can help.

We buy houses in Fort Saskatchewan – in any condition, and in any location. We’ll make offers for people in any situation, too – even if you have little to no equity, we can make an offer on your house. We’ve helped all kinds of people in Fort Saskatchewan – those who are selling for an estate, who are going through hard times, or who are simply looking to sell their houses quickly.

We are not a Real Estate Agency and we do not want to list your house for a commission or fee! In fact, you don’t pay us anything! We have the best purchasing program for a homeowner to sell their house quickly without listing!

We make selling your home easy

Selling your home through a traditional real estate agency is a complicated, time-consuming affair. You might not have the time or money to make repairs: You might be selling for an estate, going through a divorce, or undergoing financial difficulties. In these circumstances, selling to an investor can be your best move. We make selling your home easy. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Call us at 780-484-6040 or 403-978-3111. We’ll collect some details about your house, then begin doing research to come up with a fair price to purchase it.
  • We’ll make an offer on your house in Fort Saskatchewan. There is no obligation, and there are no fees. We may request a walkthrough of your home but unlike typical showings, this walkthrough usually takes under an hour.
  • We’ll pay you. Most of the time, we’ll offer cash up-front. We can even give you a cash advance to help with moving expenses! We offer a variety of different structures for our deals, giving you the ability to choose the option that makes the most sense for your needs.

Our goal is to make the selling process as simple and straightforward as possible. We believe in win-wins – and that’s why so many people in Fort Saskatchewan choose to sell with Solutions Home Buyers.

What kind of homes do we buy in Fort Saskatchewan?

Whether you’re in Westpark, Pineview, Sherridon, or anywhere else in and around Fort Saskatchewan, we’re interested in buying your home. The neighbourhood you’re in doesn’t matter to us – if people want to live there, we’re interested in buying. And people want to live almost anywhere.

We buy single-family houses, multi-family houses, vacant lots, new homes, old houses, houses in perfect condition, and houses in disrepair. We’ll buy your house if you’ve paid off your mortgage. We’ll buy your house if you have little to no equity.

You get the idea. We buy all kinds of houses in Fort Saskatchewan. If you’re interested in a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch with us.

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Looking to sell your house quickly? Looking to decrease the work you have to put into selling your home and minimize the amount of money it takes to sell your home? Give us a call. We’re here to help you sell your home, no matter what your financial situation may be.

We pride ourselves on making offers quickly – often within 48 hours of being contacted. We offer a variety of different structures for our deals, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

Solutions Home Buyers is a family-owned business. We’re here to make life easier for you by offering hassle-free deals with no commissions, no hidden fees, and no strings attached. Our structure allows us to finalize deals in two weeks or less, so if time is of the essence, we’re here for you. Quotes are no-obligation, so there are no hard feelings if none of the deals we offer work for you.

Interested in selling your home? Give us a call today at 780-484-6040 or 403-978-3111 for a free, no-obligation quote. We’re Solutions Home Buyers, and we buy houses in Fort Saskatchewan.

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