How to Get Rid Of Dog and Cat Pee Smell That Has Ruined Your House

Do you have a house that reeks of Dog or Cat Pee? Or Both? Pet and human urine smells in a property are one of “The Worst” things to deal with.

Not only is the smell of urine and feces unsanitary, it is also stings your sinuses, and can drastically drop the value of a home. Many buyers, if they smell urine in a home will not buy, and head straight for the door! Surprisingly, urine damage in a property is more common than you might imagine!

Many pet owners are unable to get their animals outside on time, and so the animal “does it’s business”, in the home. Many tenants don’t care if their pets pee or defecate in the property, because they don’t own the home. It becomes the problem of the Landlord.

Tenants who allow animals to defecate in the home, also can be the same ones who get behind on rent, leave you with tons of garbage, giving you a big complicated and expensive mess.

Types of Urine Damage:
Animals can pee on walls, carpets, in heat registers, or gardens, and almost anywhere on the property. Knowing where the smell is coming from can help treat it.

We have even seen houses where the tenants were shovelling the dog feces into the sump pump. In another house, cats were peeing in the registers, so even after renovating, as soon as the furnace kicked on, the cat pee smell was there!

So, How do you locate and treat Dog and Cat Pee?

Aside from smelling the location where the urine might be, a black light will often give you the specific location of the urine. Black lights show organic matter.

Also, a sniff test in the area you suspect the urine, if there is minimal damage, will help you locate. Knowing the location makes it easier to treat or remedy.

How to Fix Urine Smells:

So, how do you fix pet urine smells? There are a few ways, depending on the location of the urine, and how much of it there is.

  1. If the smell is faint, and you have been able to locate the spot(s), you may be able to simply treat each spot with an enzyme cleaner, that you can find at any pet store, or in the cleaning aisle, at a big box store.Soak each spot with the enzyme cleaner, leave to soak in for about an hour, and then sop up any of the enzyme moisture with old towels, or lots of paper towel. If you use old towels, you will want to bleach them well, when they go through the wash.
  2. You may just want to call a carpet cleaning company to bio-treat the affected carpets, and then do a regular cleaning. A biotreat and disinfectant cleaning, will often get rid of the urine stains and smells. Again, if there are not too many, and they have not fully soaked into the underlay.
  3. If the carpets, underlay, and floorboards are soaked with urine, a whole other level of remediation may be needed. First, you will need to remove all the affected carpet and underlay. There is no treatment for urine, if it has reached the underlay and floor boards. The only way to remediate, is to strip all flooring, bio treat the floorboards, run an ozone machine, re-paint the property, and re-floor the property. Then, you will want to get a disinfecting clean on the ducts, to make sure any traces of pet dander and urine have been removed from the ducting.
  4. Another option is to call Solution Home Buyers, an Alberta Real Estate Investment Company at 780-484-6040. We have dealt with dozens of homes with pet and human urine and feces. If the whole idea of dealing with a urine soaked house grosses you out, and you just want to be rid of the property, Solution Home Buyers can buy the home, “As Is”. We buy house in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver!