Relocating? Need to Sell a Vacant House?

Feb 21, 2023

Life can throw us many unexpected curve balls. And a sudden transfer to another province, can be a surprise, and throw us for a loop. Let’s look at some of the challenges faced if you own a home and need to relocate to another province:

All of a sudden, you need to move, but still have all the obligations of the property, like, mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities, as well as maintenance. Taking care of the vacant house from afar can be a real pain, and give you a lot of added expense you don’t need.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could just get a quick sale on the House, so you don’t have to worry about it from another province?

If you decide to list, the process of emptying the home, cleaning it, fixing any maintenance issues, and waiting for it to sell, can be overwhelming, and during this time, you still have all the expenses of owning a home.

If you move away, and the home is vacant, your insurance company often requires you to put “Vacancy Insurance” on the property. Vacancy insurance is usually triple the cost of Occupancy insurance, because often, things like a fire or flood in the home can go for longer if undetected, causing more damage, and increasing the size and cost of the insurance claim.

Without Vacancy Insurance, the insurance company can deny your claim, and you are left on your own, to fix the damage, at your expense.

Owning a vacant home from another province can cause huge expenses and headaches. And, maintaining a home, while you are waiting for it to sell, is all part of it.

Many Sellers over the years have found a better way to deal with this headache. By getting a private home buyer, like Solution Home Buyers to quickly buy the home, releasing them from all the mental, emotional, and financial costs and concerns of owning a vacant home, while out of province.

Solution Home Buyers has quickly bought dozens of vacant homes since 2003, giving Homeowners, and sellers a quick and immediate solution to the challenge of owning a vacant home and all it’s expenses.

If you have a home you need to sell fast, to get rid of the strain of owning a home from afar, fill out our online Seller Form, or give us a call at 780-484-6040, and we can provide a no obligation consultation on buying your property.

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