Sell Your Edmonton House In Winter!

You Will Be Shocked How Easy It Is To Sell Your Alberta House In Winter!

Why it’s easier to sell in Spring, Summer and Fall:

If you live in Alberta, you know it’s hard to sell a house in Winter! This is because it’s so cold, snowy and icy. Most people would rather move in Spring, Summer, or Fall, when it’s easier to move. If you move in warmer months, you don’t have to deal with cold and snow.

Most House Sales Happen In Spring, Summer, and Fall:

That’s why, most House sales in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Beaumont, Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River, Red Deer, and Sylvan Lake, happen in Spring, Summer and Fall.

If you sell a house in Winter, there are fewer Buyers, because fewer people want to move in Winter. And houses listed in Winter take longer to sell, (more days on market). They also sell for lower than the annual average selling price in the market, (lower sale price).

Challenges of A Vacant House In Winter:

If your house is Vacant, this makes it even harder to Sell an Alberta House in Winter. You need to keep it heated, shovelled, checked on, insured, and maintained. All of this adds expense and hassle to owning a house that needs to sell.

Cost of Utilities!
Heating a house in Winter can add hundreds of dollars every month to the utilities. Many houses, built before 1980, had less insulation, because Natural Gas was cheap. If the house got cold, you could just “Turn Up the Heat”!
Now, all utilities have become very expensive. So, heating a house in winter can cost hundreds of dollars each month! This makes it so much more expensive to maintain a house in Winter!

Cost of Shovelling!
Shovelling can add even more expense. You either need to get out there and shovel yourself, to keep the walks clear, or hire a company that can cost $200 – $500 each month, depending on how many walks and patios you have to shovel.

Cost of Checking On The Property!
You also need to check on the property at least every two days. Most insurance companies require this. And, if you have not been checking, and the house has a freeze up, the insurance may be void. If you don’t live where the house is located, you may need to hire someone to check it creating even more ven more expense and hassle!

Extra Cost of Insurance!
Did you know if the house is vacant, you need a different type of insurance? Vacancy insurance is required for vacant houses. This is because vacant houses have more claims than occupied houses. And often claims made on vacant houses are for a higher amount.

If a furnace shuts off, if a water leak starts, or a fire breaks out, there is no one at the property to notice it. This means a water leak can go on for days before it gets discovered. A house can almost fully burn down before anyone notifies the fire department. If the furnace shuts off, water pipes can freeze, causing major leaks, water damage, and eventually mould, if the house is not dried out properly.

Expense of Vacancy Insurance!
Vacancy insurance is typically three times the cost of insuring an occupied house.

If you have a freeze up incident, break in, fire, or other type of claim, and you were only paying regular insurance, not vacancy insurance, the insurance company may deny your claim. The cost to repair a vacant home that has had a fire, flood, or break in, could be thousands of dollars!

Cost to Maintain the House!
Maintenance on a house in winter can cost more. If you need to change a roof, windows, or furnace, the cost are often higher at this time of year. All companies that do home maintenance find the work easier to do in the summer, so during the winter, there is often a premium price for showing up in the cold!

How Can I Quickly Sell My Vacant House?

All of this may leave you asking, “How Do I Sell My House in Winter?” And also, “How Do I Sell My Vacant House In Winter?”.
Thank goodness, there is a way to quickly and easy way to solve the problem, with little to no hassle to you! In fact, selling your house or vacant house can be as easy as picking up the phone, and making a quick call to Solution Home Buyers®!
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It is possible to quickly sell a house in Winter! You will be shocked and amazed how easy it is!

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