The Top 10 Challenges Homeowners Face When Selling A House In Edmonton

Edmonton is a thriving city; a lot of people want to live here. There are, however, a number of challenges that you might face when trying to sell your home. Some of these challenges are universal, while others are a bit more specific to Edmonton. Let’s take a look at 10 of the biggest challenges you may face.

Staying level-headed

When you’re selling your home, it’s easy to get emotional – your home is your sanctuary, after all. You might not want to redecorate or repaint your home, and you might be unwilling to sell it for a lower price.

We understand. At the end of the day, however, selling your home needs to be a practical decision. You may need to sell it quickly, and you may not have the means to renovate it. You might not want to redecorate. At Solution Home Buyers, we buy your home as is – no renovation or redecoration is needed.

Poor market conditions

Market conditions aren’t always in favour of the seller. When it’s a buyer’s market, you may get less than you were expecting for your home. What’s more, it might take you much longer to sell your home than you were anticipating. When you’ve encountered poor market conditions, you have a few options.

The first is to sell your home for a bit less than you’d anticipated. This is a reasonable option if you need to move quickly – and Solution Home Buyers can help by purchasing your home in as little as two weeks from the date you contact us. The next is to wait for more favourable market conditions. Markets aren’t easy to anticipate, however, so this option is only feasible if you’re okay with living in your current home for a few more years.

Finding a buyer

This problem is tied in with poor market conditions, but it can be linked to a number of other factors, too. Buyers might not like the way your home looks, they might not want to live in your neighbourhood, or you might even get unlucky. A lot of buyers want to live in Edmonton’s suburbs, and that can make selling in the big city (especially near the core) tricky. Finding a buyer on your own can be difficult – many sellers turn to real estate agents for this exact reason.

Getting a real estate agent isn’t without its downsides, though. You’ll have to pay commission, and even with their help, you might not find a buyer for months. That’s where we come in: We’re always looking for homes to buy. If you’re interested in selling, we’re interested in buying.

Setting the right price

Deciding how much you want to sell your home for can be tricky. Do you want to set a high price to maximize value or price your home a little lower in order to sell it quickly?

To determine the price you should set, it’s a good idea to look at homes like yours. You’ll want to match location, square footage, amenities, and other features as much as possible. Once you know what homes like yours are going for, you can decide whether or not to set the price of your home higher, lower, or about the same.

When you sell your home with Solution Home Buyers, we structure a number of different deals to help you get the right price for your home.

Selling at the right time

We’ve talked about market conditions – those are broad and cover long periods of time. There are smaller time frames that you should avoid selling in, too, however.

Bankrate compiled data on the best time to sell a home is helpful, and while they’re a U.S. site, the trends in Canada tend to be the same. Spring and summer are the best months to sell – fall and winter are the worst. December is the worst month for home sales; with the holidays, that comes as no surprise. With Edmonton winters as brutal as they are, the trend may be even worse in our city – it’s hard to sell in the winter.

Not everyone can wait for the perfect month to sell their home; that’s why we buy houses in Edmonton all year round.

Renovating the home

New homeowners rarely want the hassle of dealing with renovations. They expect relatively new and high-quality flooring, plumbing, HVAC systems, paint, and just about anything else you could renovate. They certainly won’t be interested in buying homes with knob and tube wiring or other serious problems.

Renovations aren’t cheap – not everyone can afford them. At Solution Home Buyers, we buy homes as-is; no renovations needed.

Clearing out the home

Over the years that we live in a place, we accumulate a lot of stuff; that’s why there are so many boxes left unopened after you move. Clearing out all of your stuff so that your home looks presentable can be difficult – and costly. You might need to rent storage space, and that can cost a whole lot, not to mention the time and effort to clean, clear, and move your things.

We buy houses as is – and that includes homes filled with clutter. We can even get rid of the clutter for you.

Keeping the home in perfect condition

Showings are not an easy thing. Strangers will come through your home every day, quite literally judging it. You need to keep your home in immaculate condition in order to attract buyers. That means a lot of cleaning and a lot of keeping your family out of the house.

When you sell through Solution Home Buyers, you don’t need to worry about keeping your house clean. At this point, you get the idea – we buy your house as-is.

Deals falling through

One of the worst feelings when selling your home is a deal that falls through. You’ve gone through all the effort of renovating your home, going through showings, finding a buyer, and then, at the last second, they can’t get the financing they need to purchase your home.

It can be an incredibly painful experience, and it’s one of the reasons that we don’t rely on financing. All of our deals are made without lenders, so they never fall through.

Closing on time

When you’re trying to sell your home quickly, you may find yourself underserved by traditional real estate markets. These markets tend to move slowly – you’ve got to list your home, find prospective buyers, do showings, and undertake all the renovations and redecorations we’ve already discussed.

That might not be a feasible option if you plan on moving in a month. With Solution Home Buyers, you can sell your home in as little as two weeks – much faster than traditional real estate would allow.